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Agenda Overview

Day 1: Tuesday, February 19, 2019

9:30AM Coaltrans opening remarks
9:40AM Indian Ministerial Panel

•    A glimpse into the Indian government’s view on the future of coal in India
•    What are the target future energy mixes and what role will green energies play? 
•    How can coal production rates be increased in India? 
•    Insights into rail and port expansions to support the demand for coal
•    The impact of the global coal market on the Indian steel sector

Inder Jit Singh, Secretary, Ministry of Coal, Government of India
Anil Gopishankar Mukim, Secretary, Ministry of Mines
H S Bajwa, Director Of Traffic, Ministry of Railways, Government of India
10:30AM Indian Coal Production

•    A forecast of the Indian production rates for the year ahead
•    What can be done to increase thermal coal production rates in India to reduce demand for imports  
•    What are the plans to diversify into alternative uses for Coal and how will this impact the market 
•    How does demand for land impact the purchasing of potential mining sites? 
•    What role could technology play in improving mining output and efficiency? 

10:50AM Noble Market Update

•    Reflecting on the key drivers for change in the global coal market over the last year 
•    Reviewing how the global market has influenced the Indian market 
•    Future trends for supply, demand and coal prices 

Rodrigo Echeverri, Head Of Hard Commodities Analysis, Noble Resources International Pte Ltd
11:20AM Impact of global coal market on Indian market

•    For how long will India’s imports continue?
•    How will supply to India change over time?
•    What infrastructure changes are needed to support the Indian coal market 

Sujogya Kumar Dash, Managing Director, India/ South-East Asia, Xcoal Energy & Resources India Pvt Ltd
11:50AM Indian thermal power panel

•    What are the main problems preventing India from reaching its thermal power output capacity?
•    Looking at how the pros and cons of increasing imports and how plants can adapt to use different coal
•    What impact are captive power blocks having on the thermal power sector? 
•    Debating whether or not the PPAs (power purchase agreement) should be renegotiable

Swami Dayal Prasad, General Manager, National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd.
Kapil Mantri, Head Of Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Jindal Steel & Power Limited
A.M Dharam, Head - Coal Procurement Group, Tata Power Company Limited
Sunil Toshniwal, Joint General Manager (Sourcing Imported Coal), Essar Power Gujarat Limited
Chandi K Sharma, Md - Shipping, OPG Power Generation Pvt Ltd
12:30PM Networking lunch
1:30PM Coking coal price forecast

•    A recap of the past year and what the causes were for price fluctuations
•    Price forecast for global coking coal  for the coming months
•    Understanding the trends in the Australian and South African coking coal markets 
•    Trends in the global and Indian steel markets and how the coking coal market has compared 
•    Looking at how American NAP coal is being used in the Indian brick market 

1:50PM Steel producers perspective

•    Reflecting on growth in the Indian steel market and how long this trend will last
•    Exploring the demand for steel in India and forecasting demand ahead
•    What impact are bad debts having and will we see more consolidation? 
•    How do global steel supply and demand dynamics effect the Indian market?
•    How big an influence does China’s steel sector have on the Indian market 

Neeraj Srivastava, Central Buyer, Strategic Raw Materials, TATA Steel
2:30PM Networking refreshment break
3:00PM Pet coke

•    Where are petcoke prices heading over the short term? 
•    Analysing the American petcoke market and the likely trends 
•    Can Middle Eastern petcoke compete with US petcoke? 
•    What impact have government pet coke bans had on the market and are these here to stay?
•    How are freight prices impacting the price of imported pet coke FOB? 

3:20PM Cement producers

•    What impact is the lack of domestic thermal coal having on the Indian cement industry?
•    What role will thermal coal and pet coke play in the future cement industry?  
•    How will infrastructure and large-scale construction projects effect demand for cement? 
•    Looking at trends for cement demand and required petcoke volumes needed 

4:00PM Thermal coal price forecast

•    A recap of the past year and what the causes were for price fluctuations
•    Price forecast for thermal coal in India over the coming months 
•    Looking at likely rates of imports for the year ahead
•    How has a deficit in domestic coal effected the price of coal in India
•    Contrasting the Indian thermal coal market with the global market 

Guillaume Perret, Director, PERRET ASSOCIATES LTD
4:30PM Evening Reception

Day 2: Wednesday, February 20, 2019

9:30AM Coaltrans opening remarks
9:40AM India coal ash disposal and use

•    Reviewing the qualities and types of ash produced in India
•    A broad overview of the relative uses of ash by-product from the coal market 
•    How has the ash market fluctuated over the last year and what are the likely trends ahead
•    How have increased in construction and infrastructure effect demand of ash for Portland cement and breeze blocks? 

10:00AM Miners perspective

•    What can be done to increase production and meet capacity?
•    Looking at best mining practise from some of the best mines globally
•    Where are the biggest financial returns on investment in mining equipment, technology and improved processes?
•    What would be the impact of a break up of CIL and auctioning of more mores on the mining sector? 

10:40AM Networking refreshment break
11:10AM Can testing give a return on investment in insuring the quality of coal?

•    How frequent are disputes over quality in the Indian coal market? 
•    What is the average cost of resolving these disputes?
•    How can testing at at least one end of the supply chain ensure quality control? 
•    Reflecting on likely ROI of inspection and testing 

12:00PM Networking lunch
1:00PM Improving waste in the Indian coal supply chain

•    What is the rate of loss and waste from port to plant/mill in the Indian coal supply chain? 
•    What are the quick wins to reduce waste? 
•    What role could logistics equipment play in improving efficiency in the coal supply chain

1:30PM What role does beneficiation of coal play in India?

•    Reviewing the changing rate of beneficiation of coal in India and predicting the likely future rates
•    Given the high ash content of Indian coal, what are the consequences of not washing coal?
•    Has legislation around transporting high ash coal led to an increase in beneficiation? 
•    What are the roadblocks of greater use of washing at mine mouths? 
•    Learning from the best: what are the global best practices for coal beneficiation? 

R. K. Sachdev, President, Coal Preparation Society of India
2:10PM Shippers panel

•    Deep dive into freight rates for the year ahead 
•    Controversial ban on fuel oil: who will absorb the costs? 
•    How can state and industry cooperate to develop coal transportation capacity within India? 
•    Shipping supply and demand and hedging strategies

3:00PM Coaltrans closing remarks