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Agenda Overview

Pre-conference day: Monday, February 18, 2019

2:30PM Looking ahead and preparing for the future: With increasing environmental pressure, what role will coal play in India’s future?

•    Reflecting on India’s future energy mix and how it might evolve over the next 10 years
•    What impact will renewables have on the Indian thermal power market?
•    Addressing the environmental damage that coal has and the impact of continued burning of fossil fuels
•    Using coal to support variable energy – can a green future include coal?
•    What changes must be made to allow coal fired power plants to be fast ramping? 
•    With such large coal reserves, is it realistic that India will turn its back on coal? 
•    What impact would rejecting coal have on the growth of the Indian economy? 
•    What are the hidden negative environmental impacts of alternative energies? 
•    Is there an argument that India’s local coal has a comparable environmental impact to some alternative energies?    
•    Are carbon capture and other emerging technologies viable options to increase coal’s lifetime in India? 
•    How might the cement and steel markets being influenced by environmental pressure?

Moderator: Clyde Russell, Asia Commodities Columnist, Thomson Reuters
Rahul Bhandare, Chairman, Knowledge Infrastructure Systems Pvt Ltd
Tim Buckley, Director of Energy Finance Studies, Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis
3:30PM Round table discussions on the future of coal with our expert speakers

Each of our speakers will be leading further discussion from the panel at four round tables.
Have your say and debate this increasingly divisive topic.
Take advantage of a more personal way to network with fellow conference guests.
We kindly request “Chatham House Rules” to allow free and open discussion. 

Moderator: Clyde Russell, Asia Commodities Columnist, Thomson Reuters
Rahul Bhandare, Chairman, Knowledge Infrastructure Systems Pvt Ltd
Tim Buckley, Director of Energy Finance Studies, Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis
5:00PM Welcome networking reception

Connect with your conference peers

Take advantage of a relaxed networking environment 

Meet buyers and sellers prior to the start of the conference

Day 1: Tuesday, February 19, 2019

9:30AM Coaltrans opening remarks
9:40AM Indian Ministerial Panel

•    A glimpse into the Indian government’s view on the future of coal in India
•    What are the target future energy mixes and what role will green energies play? 
•    How can coal production rates be increased in India? 
•    Insights into rail and port expansions to support the demand for coal
•    The impact of the global coal market on the Indian steel sector

Inder Jit Singh, Secretary, Ministry of Coal, Government of India
Anil Gopishankar Mukim, Secretary, Ministry of Mines
H S Bajwa, Director Of Traffic, Ministry of Railways, Government of India
10:30AM Indian Coal Production

•    A forecast of the Indian production rates for the year ahead
•    What can be done to increase thermal coal production rates in India to reduce demand for imports  
•    What are the plans to diversify into alternative uses for Coal and how will this impact the market 
•    How does demand for land impact the purchasing of potential mining sites? 
•    What role could technology play in improving mining output and efficiency? 

V. K. Arora, Chief Mentor, Karam Chand Thapar & Bros (CS) Ltd
10:50AM Noble Market Update

•    Reflecting on the key drivers for change in the global coal market over the last year 
•    Reviewing how the global market has influenced the Indian market 
•    Future trends for supply, demand and coal prices 

Rodrigo Echeverri, Head of Hard Commodities Analysis, Noble Resources International Pte Ltd
11:20AM Impact of global coal market on Indian market

•    For how long will India’s imports continue?
•    How will supply to India change over time?
•    What infrastructure changes are needed to support the Indian coal market 

Sujogya Kumar Dash, Managing Director, India/ South-East Asia, Xcoal Energy & Resources India Pvt Ltd
11:50AM Indian thermal power panel

•    What are the main problems preventing India from reaching its thermal power output capacity?
•    Looking at how the pros and cons of increasing imports and how plants can adapt to use different coal
•    What impact are captive power blocks having on the thermal power sector? 
•    Debating whether or not the PPAs (power purchase agreement) should be renegotiable

Moderator: Rajendra Singh, Chief Operating Officer, Adani Enterprises Ltd
Swami Dayal Prasad, General Manager, National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd.
Kapil Mantri, Head Of Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Jindal Steel & Power Limited
A.M Dharam, Head - Coal Procurement Group, Tata Power Company Limited
Sunil Toshniwal, Joint General Manager (Sourcing Imported Coal), Essar Power Gujarat Limited
Chandi K Sharma, Md - Shipping, OPG Power Generation Pvt Ltd
12:30PM Networking lunch
1:30PM Review of the upstream and downstream ferrous markets

•    A recap of the past year and what the causes were for price fluctuations
•    Price forecast for global coking coal  for the coming months
•    Understanding the trends in the Australian coking coal markets 
•    Trends in the global and Indian steel markets and how the coking coal market has compared 
•    Looking at how coal is being used in the Indian brick market 

Zhang July, Reporter, Fastmarkets MB
1:50PM Steel producers perspective

•    Reflecting on growth in the Indian steel market and how long this trend will last
•    Exploring the demand for steel in India and forecasting demand ahead
•    What impact are bad debts having and will we see more consolidation? 
•    How do global steel supply and demand dynamics effect the Indian market?
•    How big an influence does China’s steel sector have on the Indian market 

2:30PM Networking refreshment break
3:00PM Thermal coal price forecast

•    A recap of the past year and what the causes were for price fluctuations
•    Price forecast for thermal coal in India over the coming months 
•    Looking at likely rates of imports for the year ahead
•    How has a deficit in domestic coal effected the price of coal in India
•    Contrasting the Indian thermal coal market with the global market 

Guillaume Perret, Director, PERRET ASSOCIATES LTD
3:30PM Planning for the year ahead - Forecasting the supply, demand and prices

•    Looking forward to coal demand in India for the year ahead
•    Projection for likely Indian domestic coal production 
•    Filling the gap: where does that leave imports? 
•    Potential Indian coal import rates 
•    Forecasting the price of thermal and met coal 

Macie Tan, Regional Marketing Executive, Argus Media Singapore Group Pte Ltd
4:00PM Cement producers

•    What impact is the lack of domestic thermal coal having on the Indian cement industry?
•    What role will thermal coal and pet coke play in the future cement industry?  
•    How will infrastructure and large-scale construction projects effect demand for cement? 
•    Looking at trends for cement demand and required petcoke volumes needed 

Moderator: Aparna Dutt Sharma, Secretary General, Cement Manufacturers' Association
Surinder K Gupta, Advisor (Commercial), Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd
4:30PM Analysing the Indian thermal coal market and forecasting the coal price

•    Reviewing the global thermal coal market and recent changes
•    How has a ban on Chinese coal imports impacted the thermal coal price
•    How will oversupply and low prices impact the coal producers
•    How is demand changing in Asia and specifically in India? 

Pralabh Bhargava, Principal Analyst, Asia Pacific, Coal Research, Wood Mackenzie Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
5:00PM Evening Reception

Day 2: Wednesday, February 20, 2019

9:30AM Coaltrans opening remarks
9:40AM India coal ash disposal and use

•    Reviewing the qualities and types of ash produced in India
•    A broad overview of the relative uses of ash by-product from the coal market 
•    How has the ash market fluctuated over the last year and what are the likely trends ahead
•    How have increased in construction and infrastructure effect demand of ash for Portland cement and breeze blocks? 

10:00AM Miners perspective

•    What can be done to increase production and meet capacity?
•    Looking at best mining practise from some of the best mines globally
•    Where are the biggest financial returns on investment in mining equipment, technology and improved processes?
•    What would be the impact of a break up of CIL and auctioning of more mores on the mining sector? 

Caoilin Chestnutt, Resources Investment Commissioner, Trade and Investment Queensland
10:40AM Networking refreshment break
11:10AM What role does beneficiation of coal play in India?

•    Reviewing the changing rate of beneficiation of coal in India and predicting the likely future rates
•    Given the high ash content of Indian coal, what are the consequences of not washing coal?
•    Has legislation around transporting high ash coal led to an increase in beneficiation? 
•    What are the roadblocks of greater use of washing at mine mouths? 
•    Learning from the best: what are the global best practices for coal beneficiation? 

R. K. Sachdev, President, Coal Preparation Society of India
V B Sahay, Sr. Vice President (Washeries), ACB (India) Limited
Atul Kumar Bhatnagar, Chief Natural Resources Dvision, Tata Steel
12:00PM Networking lunch
1:00PM Improving waste in the Indian coal supply chain

•    What is the rate of loss and waste from port to plant/mill in the Indian coal supply chain? 
•    What are the quick wins to reduce waste? 
•    What role could logistics equipment play in improving efficiency in the coal supply chain

V. K. Arora, Chief Mentor, Karam Chand Thapar & Bros (CS) Ltd
1:30PM Coaltrans closing remarks