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Agenda Overview

DAY 1: Tuesday, September 17, 2019

8:50AM Coaltrans opening remarks
9:00AM Clean coal: Powering Japan’s future

•    An overview of current and future clean coal initiatives 
•    What changes are being made to ensure carbon reduction commitments are met? 
•    Growing interest from JPUs to use biofuel complementarily to coal to meet carbon targets
•    Efficient thermal power generation and promotion of low-carbon technologies

Speaker TBC, JCoal

9:30AM Global trade flows

•    Impact of changing import levels in China
•    Demand for high CV coal to Japan, Korea and Taiwan
•    Supply of high quality thermal coal to North East Pacific 
•    Forecasting trade volumes and prices

Freddie Staermose, VP - Generating Fuels & Dry Bulks, Argus Media
10:00AM Forecasting Japanese coal imports

•    Impact of changing import levels in China
•    Demand for high CV coal to Japan, Korea and Taiwan
•    Supply of high quality thermal coal to North East Pacific 
•    Forecasting trade volumes and prices

10:30AM Networking refreshment break
11:15AM Japanese power: projecting thermal coal demand

•    Overview of JERA as a JPU generating coal-fired electricity for TEPCO and Chubu
•    Coal-fired power’s place within Japan’s energy mix
•    Forecast for coal-fired power output and thermal coal demand
•    Specifications of thermal coal required 
•    Ongoing coal-fired power projects and planned new projects
•    Impact of deregulation of Japanese power sector
•    Efficient thermal power generation and promotion of low-carbon technologies 
•    How biomass can be a complementary fuel to coal

Sunao Nakamura, Senior Executive Vice President, JERA Co., Inc.
11:55AM Japanese cement: increasing demand for thermal coal

•    Direction of Japanese construction sector 
•    Projecting demand for cement and subsequent demand for thermal coal
•    Thermal coal trade flows and potential new supplying regions
•    Challenges and opportunities within the cement market 
•    Use of CCS and other clean coal initiatives in cement market 

12:30PM Networking lunch
2:00PM Australia: Satisfying Japan’s need for high quality coal

•    Production outlook for the year ahead
•    Availability of high quality Australian coal that can meet Japan’s coal specifications
•    Can Australian coal prices be competitive within the Asian seaborne market? 
•    How is environmental pressure affecting new mining projects and availability of funding?

Tats Sakaguchi, Director of Marketing - Japan, Whitehaven Coal Limited
2:30PM Russia: Ramping up production from far eastern ports

•    Coal handling capacity & expansion plans at far eastern coal ports
•    Specification of Russian coal 
•    Production & export forecast

Sergey Tyan, Head of Pacific Sales and Trading, Carbo One Ltd
2:55PM USA: The case for US coal in Asia

•    Comparison of coal production in Eastern vs Western America
•    Can US coal prices be competitive in the East Asian market 
•    Place for US coal as Japanese buyers look to diversify their imports 
•    Challenges with US coal logistics: high rail and shipping freight rates
•    How have US mine consolidations impacted 

Dianna Ridgway, Senior Vice President - Research, Doyle Trading Consultants
3:20PM Networking refreshment break
3:50PM Forecasting freight rates and import challenges

•    Changing trade flows of seaborne coal to Japan
•    Forecasting freight rates for the year ahead
•    Analysing the effect of the IMO 2020 fuel oil ban on shipping market 
•    Challenges with getting financing for new vessels
•    Trends for spot market against long term contracts 

4:30PM Taiwan: Charting fluctuating demand within East Asia

•    How is environmental pressure influencing the energy mix in Taiwan
•    Coal demand forecast for the year ahead 
•    Impact of aggressive limits on sulphur emission on Taiwanese coal imports

Camilla Liu, President, Dragon Energy Group
5:00PM China: Impact of changing import volumes

•    How much of China’s 2019 coal quota is left? 
•    Forecasting Chinese imports for the rest of the year
•    Impact of variations in Chinese import levels on price and supply of seaborne coal
•    Impact of Chinese coal regulations on Asia coal market
•    Are Chinese imports slowing down? 

5:30PM Coaltrans Closing remarks
5:35PM Evening Reception

Day 2: Wednesday, September 18, 2019

9:20AM Coaltrans opening remarks
9:30AM Coking coal price forecast

•    Overview of Asian steel and sponge iron markets
•    Analysis Chinese steel market as a measure for the direction of the coking coal market  
•    How is growth in SE Asia steel markets effecting the Asian markets? 
•    Forecasting Japanese demand, supply and price of coking coal
•    Price transparency and scope for coking coal indices

Alistair Ramsay, Head of Research, Fastmarkets
9:55AM Opportunities within the growing Japanese steel market

•    Steel imports compared to domestic steel production
•    Changing demand for steel in Japan & demand forecast
•    Projecting the demand for met coal imports
•    Challenges in the Japanese steel sector

10:20AM Threats to Japanese coking coal supply

•    Changing faces of mine ownership and new projects in pipeline
•    New environmental liability legislation and impact of activist activity 
•    Challenges of securing new investment and financial assurity 
•    Current rail and freight issues and constraints

Gary Cochrane, Managing Director, Resource Management International Pty Ltd
10:45AM Networking refreshment break
11:15AM Ensuring a responsible coal supply chain

•    What is a responsible coal supply chain 
•    Using technology to improve efficiencies 
•    Who benefits and how? 

Anne-Claire Howard, Executive Director, Bettercoal
11:45AM Coal to hydrogen initiative

•       What is coal to hydrogen? 
•       Why is this being used in Japan?
•       How this project can support Japan with reducing emissions in the transport sector as well?
•       Is there another break trough using this hydrogen?

Toshihiko Miyagawa, Representative Director, SAKURA Business Consulting Inc.
12:10PM Using carbon capture and storage as part of a clean coal initiative

•    Global Status of CCS Update
•    Advantages of using CSS in your coal business
•    Existing CCS projects in Japan

Hiroshi Nambo, Branch Representative – Japan, Global CCS Institute
12:35PM Coaltrans Closing remarks
12:40PM Networking lunch