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Agenda Overview

Day 1: Tuesday, March 12, 2019

8:30AM Registration & coffee
9:00AM Introductions & welcomes
9:30AM The International Coal Market and Determinants of Prices

•    The case for coal
•    Evolution of today’s coal market 
•    Types of coal and their availability
•    Review of international exports and imports
•    Overview of the world’s competitive dynamics for the coal sector
•    Competition from gas and other fuels
•    What explains price changes in the last 3 years?
•    Changing commercial structure
•    Consolidation in coal supply

Hugh Lee, Energy Economist, Independent Consultant
11:00AM Networking refreshment break
11:30AM Coal Sale and Purchase Agreements – The Role of the Producer

•    Inquiries, tenders and offers
•    Taking a position
•    Standard terms and conditions
•    Contract structure
•    Point of sale (mine / port / plant)
•    Passing title and risk
•    Price and price basis
•    Payment and invoicing
•    Long-term and frame contracts
•    Options

Binod Singh, Vice President - Sales, Vale International SA Singapore Branch
1:00PM Networking lunch
2:00PM Coal Sale and Purchase Agreements – The Buyer’s Perspective

•    Company objective and fuel plan
•    Fuel sourcing
•    Market mechanics
•    Price escalators / indices
•    Supplier capabilities
•    Length (spot / year / long term)
•    Quality premiums
•    Term extensions
•    Covering exchange rate risks
•    Documentation
•    Schedules and notification
•    Nominations and receipt

Hugh Lee, Energy Economist, Independent Consultant
3:45PM Networking refreshment break
4:15PM Coal Trading Simulation

This case study will involve teams from different coal mining companies, an electricity generator and a steel company competing with each other in a coal trading simulation.  It will cover the evaluation of purchase/sales options from various sources/destinations and the development of a long-term coal procurement/marketing strategy.

Hugh Lee, Energy Economist, Independent Consultant
6:30PM Evening welcome reception

•    Get to know delegates and speakers from across the whole training course
•    Build strong networks within the coal industry
•    Enjoy free drinks and snacks

Day 2: Wednesday, March 13, 2019

8:30AM Morning coffee
8:45AM Metallurgical Coal Markets

•    Introduction to coking coal
•    Coking coal / PCI coal / thermal coal
•    Quality of coking coal and coke
•    Cokemaking and ironmaking operation
•    Major coking coal suppliers
•    Long-term and spot business

Neeraj Srivastava, Central Buyer, Strategic Raw Materials, TATA Steel
10:15AM Networking refreshment break
10:45AM Trading Coal as a Commodity

•    What constitutes a commodity market?
•    Standard contracts and how they are used
•    Screen trading and electronic platforms
•    Coal market indices
•    Index-linking physical trades
•    Basic coal price risk management
•    Worked examples
•    Clearing and the Futures market
•    The future of standardised coal trading

Richard Richardson, Head Of Asia, globalCOAL
1:00PM Networking lunch
2:00PM Coal Quality Management

•    Building quality assurance into the contract
•    Why is it important? 
•    How is it done – Sampling & Analysis
•    Role of independent inspectors
•    Critical control points in supply chain of coal
•    Critical parameters for coal quality
•    Weight & measurements 
•    Losses and measurement techniques
•    Risk areas

Durgesh Sharma, Business Head - Minerals, Cotecna Inspection India
3:30PM Networking refreshment break
4:00PM Understanding the fundamentals of coal trading

•    Basic outline of Asia’s coal infrastructure and trade flows
•    Understanding the development of the coal industry over the past 10 years
•    Basics of price setting 
•    Major producing and importing regions in Asia
•    Key drivers of the supply/demand balance
•    Identifying central trading hubs
•    The history and future of China as a coal importer
•    What do current trends suggest for the future of the coal industry?

Rodrigo Echeverri, Head of Hard Commodities Analysis, Noble Resources International Pte Ltd
6:15PM Close of Day 2

Day 3: Thursday, March 14, 2019

8:30AM Morning coffee
8:45AM Coal Industry Agreements – Legal Aspects

•    Description of what is being sold/bought
•    Title and Delivery obligations
•    Warranties and representations
•    Jurisdiction and choice of law
•    Force Majeure
•    Risk management and effect of Charterparty obligations: demurrage
•    Electronic and online trading

Nick Austin, Partner, Clyde & Co LLP
10:20AM Networking refreshment break
10:50AM Fundamentals of Mining & Quality Control

•    Interaction between mine planning, mining, coal handling, coal preparation, and marketing
•    Geology
•    Mine planning
•    Mining 
•    Coal handling and preparation activities
•    Quality control

Mathew Oommen, Associate And Senior Mining Practice Leader, Golder Associates Inc.
12:30PM Networking lunch
1:30PM Digital trading simulation platform

Come and try the Global Coal trading platform where you can try your hand at trading for yourself!

Richard Richardson, Head Of Asia, globalCOAL
3:00PM Networking refreshment break
3:30PM Force Majeure Negotiation Simulation

This case study will challenge delegates split into teams representing generating, shipping, stevedoring and mining companies to negotiate with each other in response to a force majeure situation that disrupts their interlocking contracts for the supply and transport of coal.

Hugh Lee, Energy Economist, Independent Consultant
6:15PM Close of Day 3

Day 4: Friday, March 15, 2019

8:30AM Morning coffee
8:45AM Fundamentals of the International Shipping Markets

•    Differences in vessel sizes
•    Fundamentals of charter rates
•    Understanding shipping market supply/demand dynamics
•    Understanding the coal shipping supply chain
•    Recent trends and developments in dry bulk shipping
•    Impact of IMO 2020 sulphur regulation

Punit Oza, Vice President Supramax Pacific, Klaveness Asia Pte Ltd
10:30AM Networking break and refreshments
11:00AM Drawing up shipping contracts

•    Understanding the legal considerations of vessel chartering
•    Time charters vs voyage charters
•    Key clauses in shipping contracts
•    Bills of lading and ownership of goods in transit
•    Interaction between shipping contracts and sale contracts

Adam Richardson, Partner, HFW Singapore
12:45PM Networking Lunch
1:45PM Coal Ports, Transhipment and the Inland Transport

•    Types of coal ports and their equipment
•    Transhipment and barging
•    Panama and Suez canals
•    Negotiating transport contracts
•    Factors that affect transport rates
•    Volume commitments
•    Loading and unloading times
•    Economics of each mode
•    Rail: monopolies and completion
•    Road: truck contracts
•    Barge systems in different countries
•    Self-unloading barges and ships
•    Conveyors ,ropeways and Slurry pipelines

Hugh Lee, Energy Economist, Independent Consultant
3:30PM Networking refreshment break
4:00PM Reflection on key course points and summary

Final questions and discussion

4:30PM End of Training Course